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Welcome to the Blog of Teresa Duncan, Owner of Odyssey Management. Inc.

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It is important that you understand what you are getting into!

It is important that you understand what you are getting into!


This is my story:

For a long time, I struggled in life to make my ends meet because I believe in Karma. If you thought that was philosophical and I must check myself there, I want to reiterate that it was only because of karma that I suffered so long with hardly any money on myself almost threatened into homelessness.

You see when I was in college majoring in finance, I came across a lot of people at the hostel where I was put up for the graduation doing petty financial transactions on trading software. I would make fun of these boys and tell them to either bury their heads in their books or just take up a part-time job at the department store or a gas station.

What I did not know was online trading would become one of the most lucrative of all professions in the time to come:

So, while I slogged at the books and later at the gas station until late evenings, my friends would huddle up in their rooms and make a bit of money. Of course, it would be small money but they were making it nevertheless without staining themselves and working their bottoms out!

I tried my hand at trading only when I did not find a full-time job:

I was scammed repeatedly and I was almost going to give up on it when I hit upon this software called the Ethereum Code. This one is trading software for cryptocurrencies alone. I had no idea about trading in cryptocurrencies and I was almost skeptical about investing another chunk of my already depleting money resource.

But this time, something kept telling me that this was the right break that I was looking for. So in spite of little voices in my head, I went ahead and opened a trading account with them.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the next morning:

I had no option but to set the account settings to autopilot because I had no idea how cryptocurrencies worked. But the next morning, I found that my trading balance was exactly double! I rubbed my eyes to see if it was real or a dream. It was indeed a lot of money to make in one night!

It’s been six months already and even though I occasionally lose some money now and then, subsequent profits help me recover all of it soon. I can afford a lot of things with my new source of income and best is that now I also maintain a separate corpus as savings for a rainy day!!

You can read more about Ethereum Code on the internet or on my personalized blog where I have documented my journey from rags to riches!!

Valuable Investments

Valuable Investments

investments are the second source of income during the crisis and they become the backbone when they are left for a longer time. There are varied sources and points to invest, but only a handful of them yield great returns.

Till sometime back, real estate investment, stock markets, and mutual funds; but now the trend has changed. It’s no more the old modes, it all about Cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, and Ethereum.

These new digital currencies have been now an accepted form in most of the places and have been growing exponentially since then. If one had invested in bitcoins or Ethereum a year or two before, then today the same price would be in ‘x’ folds.

Many assume that Ethereum is still in a growing phase and doesn’t fit the investment cycle in the currencies! But wait, before you conclude and judge, please read on these things.

Ethereum is undoubtedly the second highest valued currency next to bitcoin. But there are certainly better features that make it the stand in the 1st place in the coming years. Read here, why Ethereum can be the best choice of investment for you.

Cryptocurrency is itself a young segment that is having a lot option to grow and sustain here very convincingly. With many coins in mining, bitcoin has taken the first place due to its simplicity and ease in use. Next, Ethereum is in line and with a high rate of bitcoin and in use, Ethereum will also find its place.

Ethereum as the launch pad:

To launch any of the crypto coins, Ethereum is essential. Yes, this currency is the base to launch any other new tokens, so this currency is the base for all others, and would surely see growth and exponential form until this crypto industry thrives. Since that is the second largest currency, its been starting to get accepted into various places.

The technology of Ethereum:

Though both bitcoins and Ethereum use the same technology, the blockchain, its working pattern is different. Bitcoin uses the Proof of Work system to validate the technology, while Ethereum uses the Proof of Stake technology to validate the system.

The major difference is that the PoS is more cost and energy efficient. Bitcoin and even the cryptocurrency is using up more energy and cost and is consuming more money for the overheads in case mining to be continued, hence Ethereum will find the best place on the list. So, to start your journey Ethereum, the Ethereum code is the best place and you can read more about the Ethereum code here!


What Makes It Difficult For People To Understand The Market Cycles?

Even though most of us know that the stock market follows cycles, there is still a lot of mystery why one is unable to spot it. It is important that one understands this market dynamics on Ethereum Code review to be able to benefit from it.

  • The length of each cycle is different- Every market cycle is of a different length. Sometimes the cycle could last only for a year and other times for decades.
  • Valuations are not constant- Valuation or the price to earnings ratio keeps changing and they differ from one cycle to other. So what may be expensive in this cycle may not be expensive in the next. There is thus no set value when you know that if say the P/E is 50 then the market is overvalued or when P/E is 10 then the market is undervalued
  • There could be one cycle within another- The stock market cycle is defined in a set But it can happen that there is a cycle within a cycle. The individual sectors could have their own cycles and small cycles would affect different stocks etc. These actually get very confusing and for a retail trader, it is impossible to understand these embedded cycles.
  • Interest rates- The interest rates always play a major role to affect these So these have to be tracked as well. Low-interest rates mean that the stocks will perform well. The high-interest rate is not good for the stocks so they fall in value.
  • The stock market and the economic cycle-There is a difference between the market cycle and the economic The economic cycle is basically a measure of the growth rate of the economy. The market cycle is basically a representation of the investor’s willingness to either buy or sell the company stocks. There is a connection between both these cycles but if you thought that they line up perfectly then that does not happen.
  • Getting out of a market- Selling the investment at the market peak is something that most of the investors are not able to do. This is easier said than done because psychology starts playing a major role here.
  • No one likes the bottom- The stock valuations are cheap but investors feel that there are more downside risk and thus very few investors actually make use of the low prices in the market. Investors see that all are making money and this stops them from exiting the market.


Social Security –The Pros and Cons

Social Security is a welfare or insurance program managed by the Government with an aim to provide benefits to the retirees and disabled workers. These benefits can also be paid to the dependents of the deceased workers. These benefits include retirement income, disability income, and medical insurance. The benefits are paid to the survivors in case of death of the employee while he is in service. Most nations in the world have their own distinct social system.  The system that operates in the US is one of the largest Government programs in the world.

Types of Programs

Each country has different systems in place to channelize the welfare measures to the beneficiaries. However, the programs can be broadly classified into two types, one is the defined contributory system and the other one is defined benefit system.

  • Defined Contributory System is one that is most commonly used. It is the system that is similar to the pension funds where the workers contribute a percentage of their income so that they can get benefits when they retire. The Governments also contribute some amount to this fund. It is paid to the retirees on the event of retirement. This also covers the disability and death benefits.
  • Defined Benefit System – is one where the Government pays a fixed amount to the workers irrespective of their contribution. The benefits are paid to the retirees from the amount that is contributed by the workers into the system.


This system was formed with the main aim of promoting the welfare of the elderly population so that they can continue to lead a decent lifestyle even after the retirement.

Income – It provides a steady income to the retirees in their old age. It also comes as a helping hand to the survivors or dependents in case of death of the worker. If the breadwinner in the family is disabled, the family gets the disability income to support them further.

Better planning of finances – The workers can choose how they want to benefit from the systems as they can delay the retirement age. The benefits will be maximized if the retirement age is delayed.


Government funds – Though contributory schemes are based on the contributions from the workers, the defined benefit scheme puts a lot of strain on the Government funds which will eventually mean more taxes will be levied on the working population.

Not all are covered – The system may not benefit all. People who do not have a steady and regular work history may not get the benefits of this welfare scheme.

Though it is a huge expenditure for the Government to fund such welfare programs, it definitely benefits the aged people when they need financial assistance the most.

Cryptocurrency trading is also one of the attractive income earning options for the retirees. Anybody who has access to the internet and a computer can trade via the trading tools available online. Ethereum Code is one such online trading tools. Ethereum Code review has real-life testimonials of users who come from different backgrounds and age groups who have been equally benefitted from trading on this platform.




How To Invest Based On Risks

How To Invest Based On Risks

Are risks to be taken or avoided? This is a very confusing area that needs to be addressed by taking into account several different factors, for instance, your age, your risk-taking ability, your ability to handle wins & losses, and so on. For example, a teenager would not mind going for a drive along a new route in the night. However, if you ask a 35 or a 40-year-old if he/she would do the same, the answer would be somewhere between a maybe and a no. The reasons could be anything from it is not as safe as it is an unfamiliar route. This depicts a perfect example of how risk is related to age.

Different Types of Risks

  1. Low Risk – People invest in low-risk investment plans that mostly have a foreseeable return in terms of revenue. They make low-risk plans as the bulk of their assets.
  2. Medium Risk – People invest in medium-risk investment plans that assure them with a stable return but allow mild flexibility in terms of capital appreciation. Overall, their investments are relatively safe.
  3. High Risk – People jump at the sight of a high-risk investment proposal mainly because the returns are mind-blowing. However, you should invest only so much that you can afford to lose or else you could turn bankrupt in seconds.

Let us look at the different types of risks that you might encounter while investing. Read the full review here.

  • Market Risk – Here the value of the investments will depend directly on the economic developments and other events of the market. These include equity risk, currency risk, and interest rate risk.
  • Liquidity Risk – The risk that arises when you sell a particular asset and you expect to gain money that is equivalent to the asset’s value.
  • Concentration Risk – The risk that arises because you tend to focus all your investments in one particular asset class.
  • Credit Risk – The risk that emerges mainly due to government actions and results in a change in the value of your credit assets including bonds and other debt investments.
  • Reinvestment Risk – The risk that arises when you reinvest your principal amount at a different interest rate, mostly in something that is lower.
  • Inflation Risk – The risk that increases with inflation and prevents your to keep up, especially in terms of disposable income and purchasing power. It is mostly seen in the case of shares and real estate investments.
  • Horizon Risk – The risk that arises mainly due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of job, natural calamity, etc.
  • Longevity Risk – This risk crops from the fact that you may not be able to provide for yourself in the long run, as you may deplete your savings, especially during your retirement period.
  • Foreign Investment Risk – It is the risk that arises when you lose money while investing in foreign currencies or in another country.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to the matters of investment. While some are willing to take higher risks, others prefer low risks. Hence, it is up to you to evaluate your expectations and risk-taking potential before you set foot in the investment world. The key to good investments lies in making informed decisions related to investments.


How To Invest In Each Stage Of Your Life

How To Invest In Each Stage Of Your Life

Investing is like planting a tree. The better you take care of it and nurture it, the better it will grow into a beautiful tree that gives fruit, fresh air, and shade, all of which are beneficial. If however, you fail to water the plant regularly or provide good quality manure at different stages of its life, then the tree will ultimately cease to grow and will yield no result.

Similarly, investing needs to be carried out at every stage of our lives. We need to carefully select and curate the best investment plans according to each stage of our life to ensure that we have enough to live our lives without depending on anyone else. Hence, the sooner you start investing, the better it will be in the long run. Hence, it is right to say that investment can begin right from the time you start earning a pocket money and not necessarily wait for a high paying job because of every penny matters.

Before looking at the different stages of life where you can get started on your investment, here is a look at some of the factors that will determine your investment decisions.

  • Your Age – It is good to start young because when you are young, you are ready to take more risks and have fewer responsibilities and as you grow older the converse happens.
  • Your Income – You earning capacity is a major deciding factor to analyze how much to invest where.
  • Your Savings – Apart from investments, you need to ensure you have savings to meet unexpected life events, which you might not be able to meet with the investments.
  • Market Trend – Your will find answers to When, Where, and How Much to invest in the market, as investments change with market trends.

Investing in Different Stages of the Life Cycle

  1. You are single and you have a steady job
  • You have lesser financial dependencies. Therefore, invest maximum in moderate to high-risk plans.
  • Invest in long-term plans now.
  • Save a maximum portion of your income to create a cash reserve.
  • Pitch in some parts of your income towards your retirement fund by making regular contributions.
  • Think of bonds, insurances, mutual funds, stocks, and retirement fund.
  1. You get married
  • You now have more financial dependents, hence greater expenses. Therefore, you could cut down on the percentage of the amount that you invested earlier.
  • Plan new investment schemes with the help of the combined income and cater to the additional new expenses.
  • Invest in medium risk proposals.
  • Ensure you have the adequate financial liquidity to meet financial emergencies.
  • It is a good time to set aside some fund for buying a home without touching your retirement savings to meet down payments, deposits, moving costs, etc.
  • Think of insurances, real estate, mutual funds, and equities.
  1. You have a baby
  • The number of financial dependents increases, which leaves with you more expenses but lesser savings.
  • Invest at least 30 percent of your income.
  • Build a bigger cash reserve.
  • Invest in low-risk investment plans.
  • Think of life insurance, health insurance, child plans, education fund, pension plans, commodities, and fixed/recurring deposits.
  1. Your children are now independent
  • Financial dependents reduce. Hence, increase your cash reserve.
  • Increase your contribution to your retirement savings.
  • Review the different investment plans and insurance schemes to accommodate your current needs.
  1. You Retire
  • Analyze the different options from where you can draw an income to continue living.
  • Maintain liquid cash to meet expenses.
  • Check if there are means by which you can reallocate some portions of your investments in better proposals and at the same time draw income to combat inflation and help you sustain the remaining years.
  • Invest in short-term plans.
  • Think of senior citizen saving plans.

You might find this full review on investments a bit overboard. However, if you have not started your investment plans yet, do not let that thought depress you rather pick up from your current state and start investing now.


Identifying Potential Investors for Small Business

Identifying Potential Investors for Small Business


For beginning a private company or extending the current one, you will have to discover cash. One alternative is to expedite financial specialists. There exists numerous potential financial specialists.


  1. Enquire private venture gatherings

You probably won’t be aware where to start. It’s likely best to begin near and dear. Visit other entrepreneurs or visit the Chamber of Commerce. Learn more in case they are aware of financial specialists for your organization.


  1. Contact Small VentureAdministrations

Certain programs enable private ventures to discover speculators. They are exclusive. Anyways, they are authorized and directed. Moreover, certain organizations are disallowed from taking an interest in such programs.


  1. Search for a nearby agent

These associations assist new businesses to transform their thoughts into a genuine organization, and they give subsidizing too.


In general, hatcheries assist new companies or new organizations, while quickening agents assist officially settled organizations become speedier. Hatcheries probably won’t give ventures specifically. Though, they can assist in interfacing with potential financial specialists.


  1. Check web-based crowdfunding

You can contact financial specialists worldwide by utilizing a web-based crowdfunding webpage, for example, Equity.net. These sites provide connection to many financial specialists who can enable you to conclude your strategy and develop the company.


  1. Approach family and companions

Individuals who might put resources into your company, particularly as they can view your determination and assurance. Make sure to reach them just as another financial specialist.


You should consider approaching individuals you are familiar with for an advance rather than for a venture. With an advance, you do not need to surrender any proprietorship in your organization.


  1. Appoint a business capital agent

These agents have systems of potential financial specialists that they go to. You can discover a capital agent on the web or by conversing with different organizations that may have utilized a merchant.


  1. Consider if the investment is ideal for you

Funding is for depicting an assortment of speculators, which involves private value firms, investment firms, and angel financial specialists. Though unique, they have similitudes:


Appropriately, funding normally puts resources into ventures with vast development potential, for example, biomedicine or innovation. Not many organizations meet all requirements for investment financing. They have a more drawn out speculation that different types of funding.


  1. Search for funding financial specialists

Search online on sites to discover organizations to put resources into. Addresses are given to check the financial specialist’s site to take concerning them.

Fend Off Companies That Are Your Enemies

Fend Off Companies That Are Your Enemies

Know What is People Poison Pill

A strategy that is used as a defense so that the companies can fend off the hostile takeover is known as people poison pill. Continue reading about trading that might be hostile. The way this strategy works is that either team of management of the company that has been targeted will threaten the acquirer that when and if the takeover happens the complete team will resign from their position. The completion of the takeover process by the acquiring firm is discouraged by this people pill which is the main purpose of this strategy. This will give an introduction of who difficult it will be to replace an entire team with a new team and what will be possible difficulties they will face while doing so. However, if the acquiring firm is planning to maintain the management team that already exists, only then will people pill be effective.

There was a company by name Borden Corporation which was a food company that for the very first time that utilized the people poison pill which is an anti-takeover tactic. This happened in the year 1989 when the board of directors of the company provided an approval for a people pill where they said that it could be demanded by Borden that the acquirer should make payments for the shares of the company a fair amount. It also stated that none of the managers who were already present in the Borden should be demoted or fired. People poison pill is nothing but another variant of the defensive mechanism, poison pill.

There are a lot of tools that can be utilized as poison by the firms who are finding a way to prevent a takeover which also includes suicide pill. This might also include intentionally making the company bankrupt so as to either shut the company or to put it in the hands of a court-appointed receiver.

There is another type in poison pill known as poison put where the takeover is defended by using the strategy where the bonds are issued by the target company which can be redeemed by the investors even before they reach their maturity date. This form of poison pill will facilities designed to make the cost of the company that will be sustained by it high to acquire a company that has been targeted.

Is The Trend Really Your Friend?

Is The Trend Really Your Friend?

The conventional technical analysis teaches you that the trend is your friend and that you should never trade against the trend. Continue reading on how this is done.

You should be trading in the direction of the original trend to be successful in the market. And you also know that you should never try to pick up the exact up or down in the market. There are many ways in which you can do trend trading and it is also sometimes easy to understand where the tops and the bottoms of the market are.

Wait for the confirmation of the trend

It is important that you wait for the trend confirmation when you are trading using technical analysis. So how do you do that? You take three points and draw a trend line or in case you use a moving average than the moving average that slopes towards the upside to confirm the trend.

You could confirm the trendsetting the series of highs and lows but it is important that these methods should be done in the right way else you end up taking high-risk trades. This will cause you to lose more money in the market.

How is the trend in the market formed?

The market trend is formed in patterns which are up and down and it does not move in a straight line. This also at times gets the traders to get caught because too much information makes them miss out on the trade and enter the trade at the wrong time.

When the market is moving in an uptrend then it is okay to buy at the market peak. Also, you do not need to wait for the market to break a new low to take a trade.

How do you approach this?

When you trade in the market you could also opt for a low-risk move. Here you wait for the market trend move to enter into a quality supply to sell short in the market or you could buy the pullbacks when in the demand level.

The levels, however, should be major levels and not something that the market can break easily. You thus have to anticipate when the market trend could change.

The way to do is to us the multiple timeframe charts to spot the next major demand or supply level. So do not wait for lots of confirmation because using too much confirmation only causes you do is miss out on the trades.

What Do You Know About The Risk Levels In Investment?

What Do You Know About The Risk Levels In Investment?

It is common sense that the greater the risk the higher the returns but not all investments fall into this category. Investments can be classified as “Low Risk” “medium Risk” and “High risk”. It is paramount that you understand into which category your investment falls to ensure you do not lose money. You must expose yourself to only that much risk which you can take, hence knowing the investment risks is as imperative as reading the full review of Crypto VIP Club before investing in it.

Low-risk investments

Those who are contented with small profits and are not adventurous by nature will prefer these kinds of investments wherein your principal is safe. These investments often have the backing of the federal government and hence your investment is protected. But you cannot hope to get massive returns in this situation.

Low to Minimal risk

These kinds of investments usually consist of corporate bonds, government bonds, and even municipal bonds. The risk factor is dependent on the term of the bond and the type of bond. Thus, for long-term bonds, the risk is higher because you have to wait several years for your principle to reach you. But in the case of short-term bonds which typically last one to two years the risk is limited.

Moderate risk

While playing safe is good you won’t earn much from your investment. Therefore, you can consider a moderate risk investment which is not fully safe but it is not completely risky. You can have a combination of stocks and bonds for this kind of investment. It will be called a balanced fund. The returns here will be moderate.

High-risk investments:

As the name suggests these investments are very risky; stock index funds are called high risky investments. Usually, indexed funds consist of a diverse list of companies as a result, when one or two of the stocks perform badly it will not affect your overall investment. Because it is highly unlikely that all stocks will perform badly at the same time, you, in reality, cannot lose all your money. The only reason it is called high risk is that the value of the investment can go down by almost 50%. The only way you can protect yourself is to buy remaining in it for a long time.

Extreme risks

When you invest in an individual company all your money then you have taken on extreme risks because history is witness to the biggest of companies crumbling and going bankrupt which renders their securities useless. In these types, you stand to lose everything that you invested.

The safest way to protect your investment is to spread it over a diversified range of investment products. For an inexperienced investor identifying the best products and monitoring their progress can be intimidating. They can seek the help of financial advisors or invest in mutual funds which are relatively easy to understand and comparatively safe.

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Teresa Duncan received a degree of Master of Science in Healthcare Management from Marymount University. With over 22 years of healthcare experience (15 in dental), she has unique insight into the world of dentistry. Her specialty is helping dentists and managers increase revenue. By focusing on accounts receivable and insurance management, she helps dentists increase the value of their practice. As a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, she has a special interest in helping dentists identify and safeguard against employee embezzlement.

Teresa is founder and president of Odyssey Management.

She is a Fellow and Educator for the ICOI’s Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries. Look for more articles from her regarding practice management, dental implants and oral health care news. She was named 2010’s ADIA Educator of the Year.

Teresa is a member-at-large on the board of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Teresa is a Trustee for the auxiliary education-focused DALE Foundation.


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