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Welcome to the Blog of Teresa Duncan, Owner of Odyssey Management. Inc.

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Track Your Financial Records..!!

Track Your Financial Records..!!

We always have a bad habit. We earn, spend, spend and keep spending. This has become a trend. Life tends to get bigger and bigger when we start earning. It tends to look like as if we live in a paradise. This is just a great way of living. It is enjoyable and happy as always. But, it is not the right trend. There might be a day when you start losing the reserve of money you always had. We will not even realize the pace of it. It is quite natural.

We should be clear that we always have unforeseen circumstances that come by our way. We will not even have enough time to think and react. Financial constraints become a difficulty. We will have functions coming up in our family, holiday trips that come all of a sudden. Sometimes, negatively accidents happening, medical commitments crop up and we feel disgusted. These scenarios expect us to have some money in hand always. We cannot refurbish things instantly to make money. It is not a good trend. This compels you to track your financial records periodically. This will strengthen your financial base and it will help you live your life peacefully.

We have very good investment schemes like the cryptocurrency investment system. It is a secure form of investment that will earn good returns. It has received positive feedback from people in different parts of the world. It can never be hacked. We just have to have a smart device and an internet connection to operate.

However, as we all know the platform is completely new, we will have to have a good guidance mechanism. Crypto robots have been designed exclusively for this reason. These are fully automated trading robots that can trade on our behalf. Useful references regarding them can help you get better knowledge about them. Investing in this way will help you accumulate a lot of money. This is how you start the investment plan and do it regularly. The registration process is relatively very simple and can be done completely online. They have self-explanatory features that help you navigate through all the options and use it very easily. You can always experiment on the different sources of information as well. It can do good analysis and take very effective decisions. Life becomes simple and meaningful when you take such actions.


An Introduction to Forex Trading Robots

An Introduction to Forex Trading Robots

Forex Trading Robots are exclusive robots designed to perform currency pair trading in foreign exchange markets. The most flattering condition is the use of pairs of currencies to perform the work and does not look for any kind of human intervention. The level of human intervention was more in the previous years, with humans checking the market rates for years but still bearing with a good loss. This is not the case with artificial intelligence. Their intervention has made a lot of changes, thus improving the quality of sales done in the market.

It is an approach that is designed to eliminate the factor of an unwanted psychological factor while determining the sales, rate of profit, etc. Getting influenced by certain factors in the market is not new, but has been going around all the years and is a widely seen factor all around the world. The problem arises when these investments will lead to unwanted decisions that will directly or indirectly affect the decisions people make in the area of marketing. And especially if these decisions lead to losses then nothing can be said about it.

Trading robots are obtained on a wide scale in two basic means. The first one is the purchase of these robots from websites that try to sell them. This may not be as effective as there will be different options available and accordingly there will be a change in the conditions that determine the solution in the market. The solution varies with the conditions and the more detailed and correct the conditions are, the solution will be better as well. But unfortunately, if the condition is wrong then there is no way the robot will determine the correct result. Then there is no way of saving the profit rates in future dates. Another condition is that this software is designed each step by step and if there is no proper knowledge about it then there is no way to use it.

Another alternative is that the users themselves make the robot and produce their required result. Such is a case where the user knows the nuances of the market and that pushes the market up and starts gaining market values in a better way. The results are obtained easily and all the maintenance should be done by the user, which is again a discomfort to the user.


Be Smart And Invest Smartly For The Next-Generation

Be Smart And Invest Smartly For The Next-Generation

The biggest problem facing the world is its exploding population. Though the world is technologically more advanced it has to feed so many humans and take care of their other needs that soon the resources may run out. We need food –grains, proteins and other varieties, resources for the housing and clothing needs of humans and their health care. Things are going to be more complicated and challenging for our future generations and we can foresee things becoming more expensive for them. We can do a few things in order to make their lives a little easier.

  1. Save, reuse and recycle whatever you can. This is the most important aspect as we can save the most valuable resources, like, money, food, trees, and water especially. Use as little as possible- be minimalistic so that you do not waste or use more than what is necessary. Food wastage anyway seems to be criminal.
  2. Start planting trees as and when possible. Stop misuse of wood, plants and trees and even paper where it is not compulsory. Use the internet and other options so that the planet can remain safe for living for a long time to come.
  3. Reduce the use of plastic, thermocol and toxic stuff that is clogging our water bodies and landfills. Use natural fibers and products, but again be very frugal and economical in usage. So that you can minimize damage to nature.
  4. Start migrating to virtual currency using trading systems like Ethereum Code Ltd, which will help you in multiple ways. You will have a good amount saved for the next generation and that too in an environmentally better way- without wasting paper.
  5. Use public transport and other ecologically better means of transport like an electric scooter. This will save precious fossil fuels from getting over very quickly. Follow other systems that consume less fuel or less electricity as well to conserve our sources of energy. You can also install more revolutionary new systems like solar power, windmills, and nuclear power plants.

As always, just like our previous generations did, we are also moving towards an uncertain future, we have our task clearly cut out for us. We need to conserve the resources as much as we can. Virtual money will be a great legacy that we can leave behind for our children. They will thank us one day for our thoughtful gesture and the beautiful earth that we will leave safe for them.


If Cryptocurrency Trading And Mining Excite You, Come On In Here!

If Cryptocurrency Trading And Mining Excite You, Come On In Here!


When was the last time that you thought that you could also earn a secondary income?

I am sure the moment someone says that they are earning a second income, your thoughts brazenly move towards slogging at another job after a hectic long day. I had the same idea until Beni, my New Jersey cousin told me that she double by online trading and that she can afford frequent holidays to exotic locales thanks only to savings that she is able to carve from her trading.

It got me so excited that I sat her down!

I had to know more.

You see, I have had a brilliant academic record and my bosses think that I am one of the high achievers and I carry home a heavy package but I seem to exhaust of all it by the third week itself.

It has to be my lifestyle!

But carpe diem dude!!

Look we only love once; so why would I not like the good life?

But I start to feel the pinch in the far end of the month and then I curse myself for overspending.

So Beni tells me about software that she is been on for the last one year and it is called the Bitcoin Trader. I have also been researching this software and I think that most of the things that I will cover in this post will be from my total understanding of this software.

Bitcoin Trader is one of the most competent of all Crypto robots:

What exactly does a crypto robot do?

A crypto robot’s job is to try to manage to successfully my Cryptocurrencies or altcoins from various global cryptocurrency exchanges in a bid to create profits over the investments.

The software has been launched open to the public over only one year but in such a short time it has been able to carve a niche for itself here. There is no surprise there because this crypto robot has been developed by a group of highly educated and professional crypto traders who wanted to explore newer horizons as well as give a fair chance to all other traders to also trade and benefit from it.

This is not a scam:

Bitcoin Trader is a completely legit software program used for trading online in altcoins. There are hundreds of positive reviews of this software all over the internet and testimonials of actual traders who have used the software to their advantage. I have verified most of the testimonials over a one on one chat and they are all genuine traders who have traded on the software and are extremely happy with the outcome.

I cannot thank Beni enough for letting me into this wonderful world of online trading. Come, you are also invited!

How To Be A Smart Crypto Trader

Cryptocurrency is the digital currency created from the internet code. In recent years, cryptocurrency has rapidly gained ground and understanding its use and value from the public. During the early days, it seems to be unfamiliar among people. Nowadays many individuals are familiar with bitcoin, ether etc., cryptocurrency is using newer technology called“block technology” which keeps the currency and technology safe.

There are many types of cryptocurrencies. Some of them are bitcoin, Ethereum, dash, ripple, Dogecoin, etc, It is made in such a way that it cannot be a counter field or reversed arbitrarily by the tender as with credit card change back, there are nearly 1400 digital currencies exist in the market. It is free from the central government and monitored by the inter-protocol read more about crypto code.


Lower payment: Transaction fees are lower with bitcoin when compare with credit cards, it eliminates the need for basic transaction charges.

It attracts a new customer: Cryptocurrencies transaction is technical irreversible and it makes them very attractive to merchants. The received funds are immediately spendable.

Instant payment/ immediate settlement: It has created and patented instant payment notification system in which they will act as the trusted third party between the buyer and seller and facilitate the transaction between them.

Go ahead for your competition: Being an early investor for cryptocurrency you can gain a competitive advantage over your competition and other benefits is it has no chance of identity theft.

Tips to be a smart crypto investor:

Steps 1: There is one great reason to diversify of your portfolio with cryptocurrencies. If you like to buy much quantity of coins to increase the volume for future gains.

Steps 2: Splitting your portfolio different coins will reduce your risk, understand the strategy use your diversification with the intention to invest more.

Steps 3: Understand the market value or cap is really more important than the price and don’t focus on an absolute price.

Conclusion: Once you started earning money in cryptocurrencies. The most important is your portfolio will be reached double or more than double value gains. The good amount of investment on your profits in cryptocurrencies will increase market price overall and the market capitalization. The best idea you can suggest your friends and family to encourage to research about cryptocurrencies and you can also guide them to make more profits.

An Overlook Of Trading Strategies

Introduction: Today’s World has a stream of trading opportunities. But, not everyone who trades can succeed. Smart workers are always remembered and lauded than the hard workers. It takes decision-making skills and expertise to plan the right strategies to master the trade. Crypto trading is gaining limelight because of its higher returns and fast transactions. The following strategies should be employed by the traders, in general for desirable results.

Analyze the basics: First, observe the market trend. It helps to identify whether the price of the currency is underrated or overrated. The complex part is analyzing one’s own country’s cash inflows and outflows and the currency value with respect to the other global currencies. This actually helps to identify the trade possibilities.

Additionally, capital management, time management, identifying entry and exit points largely influence the progress.

Analyze technically: Technical expertise is much needed to determine the fate of the cryptocurrencies. From the charts, one would be able to predict the upward or downward movement of the value. The fluctuations are the result of supply and demand.

Swing: The swing trading involves looking for the short-term market trend. They are not aware of the intrinsic value of the coin, but they concentrate on finding momentum for the short-term. The swing trading strategy can be adapted very well by leisure time traders, who perform online trade for extra income. Tools like Ethereum code makes trading easy for the part-timers.

Scalping: This strategy means buying the commodity or shares in the bid price and selling them at the asking price. Thereby, receiving the difference between the two different prices as profit. The traders who adopt this strategy generally remain in the position for short period for time and do not capitalize on larger volume.

Pairs trading: The objective of this strategy is to maintain the market neutrality. This involves buying a secured, undervalued share or currencies and selling the overvalued commodity which confronts future loss. In nutshell, Pairs trading is predicting the convergence and divergence of two different stocks or commodities simultaneously.

Conclusion: Adopting a particular strategy depends on one’s own interest, requirements, expected outcome and the type of trade one want to perform. A lot of web pages are there to help construct strategies for crypto trading. We can read more about Crypto code, FOREX, and other software by subscribing to their official channels newsletters. Like a wine, Trade gets better with time and experience.

Work From Home Like A Boss!


For various reasons, women end up staying in the home, quitting their career. In addition to the conventional employment opportunities, a lot of secondary jobs are also available, which can be performed from home. But the fear and various false believes about the home business stops people from pursuing it. It is not just about the money, working builds confidence and self-esteem. When we think of the advantages that home based jobs or business offer, we will realize it is such a boon to the homemakers.

Flexible work hours: We are the boss when we work from home. Depending on the household tasks, other personal pursuits, one can schedule their time to work. In the case of web develops and content writers, they will be provided with a deadline to complete assignments, which can be easily done in the wider timeline available.

Higher Satisfaction: Nothing is more satisfying than doing and making money from the things which one love the most. For example, some people like to write and are good at it, some are experts in art and craft, cooking, and they love doing it. Starting YouTube channels staging the tutorials and setting up small retail of handicrafts, not only earns them a penny, but also happiness and peace.

Reap the Tax benefits: This is the major perk associated with Home business. There is no need to pay tax every month like conventional employees. Tax is deducted only annually based on the whole year’s income.

Earn extras: It is a good platform to earn an additional penny, and so one will be able to contribute to the family’s total expenses. Online trading is easy to start with and it assures lump sum returns. Various bots guide new users by predicting the currency value and all one need to do is closely observe the market trends. Read more about Crypto code to understand better. The tool is ideal for homemakers and for working men too, to be taken as an auxiliary job.

Take leave when you want to: In case of a sick episode or other family commitments, one can take a short break. Home-based workers are completely independent, as they can work from anywhere and in any attire.

Stating a home business or commencing with a home job doesn’t need technical skills and trading expertise. But staying for a long time on the track requires continuous learning and keeping market trends up to date.

Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

Most of the women are quitting their company jobs because of their family priorities, but they would always like to start own businesses and run it so that they can balance both their family and business lives equally. So, they start searching for the best business ideas to yield more money. There are a wide variety of business ideas for the women entrepreneurs and let us have a look at it.

  1. Beauty parlor:

Running a beauty parlor for ladies and kids is the best way to earn more fund nowadays because the women are very much interested in grooming themselves and so this helps those businesswomen who want to reach greater heights and shine like stars in life. Once they get a lot of clients, they can even appoint a staff for helping them and this will support them to balance their work and personal lives.

  1. Tuition centers:

The women are usually good at communication and they can use it in the way to get profits. That is the educated women can start their own tuition centers, help many children to gloss and at the same time, they can earn more profitable returns. The tuition centers are a wonderful idea for the beginners in the business field to gradually develop themselves.

  1. Online boutiques:

The women always love to purchase clothes and they are very much interested to open a new boutique with full of latest unique collections. This is truly a great way for female entrepreneurs to get money. It is also better to choose the field in which we are good at. The online boutiques are very useful for persons who are not willing to travel long and do shopping. Even the payment can be made using many platforms like net banking and other money transfer applications. But the only disadvantage here is the inability to check the quality of the products.

  1. Online trading:

The online trading is nothing new and it is just the transfer of trades in the market that is the traders can buy and sell the trades from the trade market through online. There is no need for any travel and meeting anyone in person. Everything can be done with a stable internet connection and there are many chances of getting very high profitable returns. Even the trading robot software like crypto soft are giving assurance to their users for the profits. The traders should first read the feedbacks of the experts from the website by clicking the Crypto Soft Review tab.

Different Reasons for the Financial Losses in Small Firms

Different Reasons for the Financial Losses in Small Firms

A net profit of the firm indicates the performance of the firm in which the small firms are able to withstand in the market with its business operations are not.  Net profit is an indicator of the financial strength of these small firms.  If the firm is showing an increased profit, it means the business operations of the firm are at a satisfactory level and it becomes important for the entrepreneur to manage the same in the future years.  If there is no profit, and the amount gained after these business operations are just enough to settle all the expenses of the firm, it is the time for an entrepreneur to look back the business operations which can be altered in order to increase the profit margin.  In this situation, an entrepreneur should make use of the advanced technology and with necessary changes in the product attributes; he/ she can increase the profit margin.  Let us discuss the reasons for the financial losses in the small firms

  • Bad Accounting: When the accounting procedure followed by the firm is not up to the mark, it leads to confusion within the firm.  If there are no proper accounts, it becomes difficult to ascertain the amount being invested and the amount of profit in the particular area.  This eventually leads to financial losses which have to be predicted before any severe occurrences.
  • Poor Planning: Some firms didn’t realize the importance of planning before the commencement of the financial year. Actually, they should know where they are, and where they want to reach in the next year should be decided appropriately.  If you are not planning things before it will lead you in trouble and make your business to fail.
  • No Investment Plans: When the firm is performing well in the business operations and earning an increased profit, you should start the investment plans for your firm so that these investments may help you at times of danger financial situation.
  • Shortage of Labour: There are many situations that you will not find the right person for the right job in your firm which results in hindrances on business operations resulting in financial losses.
  • Shortage of Funds: Some may end up with the failure of business due to a shortage of funds.  They didn’t have the ability to find the different sources of funds in order to avoid closure of the firm.  Any businessman who wants to succeed in their life will definitely arrange the funds without fail in order to continue the business.
  • Unsuitable Location: Sometimes the location of the firm may be unsuitable for the business due to additional transportation charges, unavailable resources.  These unavailability’s and poor selection of the site may also end up with the financial losses.

In order to run the business successfully, it is important for you to know the pros and cons of your business and you should have the ability to reduce your financial losses to a certain extent.  If you want you can go for online trading platforms like Bitcoin Review, Crypto soft Review for a better understanding of trading to earn fruitful results in which the money invested now can be earned more than three to four times after a certain period.

How To Improve The Liquidity Position Of A Business Firm?

How To Improve The Liquidity Position Of A Business Firm?

A smooth and successful business firm will have a strong liquidity position in which there is an option for the conversion of assets into cash in case of emergency.  The firm should be in such a financial situation that it has enough flow of funds within the company and ensures a regular and routine flow of business courses of action.  Many large firms always concentrate on the liquidity position along with the financial position of the company when compared to the firms where less capital is employed.  Many business investors to boost up their cash flow will try to concentrate on earning more returns from less investment.  One of the ways to boost up the returns is by investing their money on online trading software. Among them, Cryptosoft review which helps to gain knowledge of these cryptocurrencies.  After gaining the adequate knowledge about the online trading software, the investor should analyze and identify the best way of investing their money.  Hence, the firm should ensure the ways of raising funds and the flow of cash in a proper way.

Ways to improve the liquidity position of the firm:

  • Concentrate on Unpaid debts: Any successful firm should concentrate on the unpaid debts to ensure a sound liquidity position.  Due to certain reasons, the business firm may not be able to collect the bills receivable from the sundry debtors.  Make a list of unpaid sundry debtors and try to make them settle their debts.  Ensure the bills payable by the firm to the sundry creditors and make a regular payment to them if possible.  Concentrating on Bills Payable and bills receivable will helps to know the flow of cash both in and out.
  • Check Overhead expenses and control: A business firm may spend unnecessarily on overhead expense like rent, labor etc.  Identify the expenses which can be reduced so that it helps the firm to have a better cash flow and liquidity position.  If there is no control on overhead expenses, the firm will lose a considerable amount of money by investing in them.
  • Remove useless assets: A firm may have too many assets in which some of the assets are of no use.  Those assets which be cleared even at the low cost.  The useless assets may occupy the space and resources which is an added expense for the company.   If it is removed well in advance, may give some cash flow even at a low depreciation value of the assets.
  • Deposit the cash for Interest: The firm may have adequate cash at times.  The adequate cash can be deposited on the bank to get the interest at good rates.  In case of emergency, that cash can be used to resolve the problem.
  • Increase the payment cycles: The payment cycles of the firm can be increased for a longer duration than the shorter duration, which will make the firm to take ample of time to settle the debts when needed with some discounts.




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About The Blog Author

Teresa Duncan received a degree of Master of Science in Healthcare Management from Marymount University. With over 22 years of healthcare experience (15 in dental), she has unique insight into the world of dentistry. Her specialty is helping dentists and managers increase revenue. By focusing on accounts receivable and insurance management, she helps dentists increase the value of their practice. As a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, she has a special interest in helping dentists identify and safeguard against employee embezzlement.

Teresa is founder and president of Odyssey Management.

She is a Fellow and Educator for the ICOI’s Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries. Look for more articles from her regarding practice management, dental implants and oral health care news. She was named 2010’s ADIA Educator of the Year.

Teresa is a member-at-large on the board of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Teresa is a Trustee for the auxiliary education-focused DALE Foundation.


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