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Different Reasons for the Financial Losses in Small Firms

Different Reasons for the Financial Losses in Small Firms

A net profit of the firm indicates the performance of the firm in which the small firms are able to withstand in the market with its business operations are not.  Net profit is an indicator of the financial strength of these small firms.  If the firm is showing an increased profit, it means the business operations of the firm are at a satisfactory level and it becomes important for the entrepreneur to manage the same in the future years.  If there is no profit, and the amount gained after these business operations are just enough to settle all the expenses of the firm, it is the time for an entrepreneur to look back the business operations which can be altered in order to increase the profit margin.  In this situation, an entrepreneur should make use of the advanced technology and with necessary changes in the product attributes; he/ she can increase the profit margin.  Let us discuss the reasons for the financial losses in the small firms

  • Bad Accounting: When the accounting procedure followed by the firm is not up to the mark, it leads to confusion within the firm.  If there are no proper accounts, it becomes difficult to ascertain the amount being invested and the amount of profit in the particular area.  This eventually leads to financial losses which have to be predicted before any severe occurrences.
  • Poor Planning: Some firms didn’t realize the importance of planning before the commencement of the financial year. Actually, they should know where they are, and where they want to reach in the next year should be decided appropriately.  If you are not planning things before it will lead you in trouble and make your business to fail.
  • No Investment Plans: When the firm is performing well in the business operations and earning an increased profit, you should start the investment plans for your firm so that these investments may help you at times of danger financial situation.
  • Shortage of Labour: There are many situations that you will not find the right person for the right job in your firm which results in hindrances on business operations resulting in financial losses.
  • Shortage of Funds: Some may end up with the failure of business due to a shortage of funds.  They didn’t have the ability to find the different sources of funds in order to avoid closure of the firm.  Any businessman who wants to succeed in their life will definitely arrange the funds without fail in order to continue the business.
  • Unsuitable Location: Sometimes the location of the firm may be unsuitable for the business due to additional transportation charges, unavailable resources.  These unavailability’s and poor selection of the site may also end up with the financial losses.

In order to run the business successfully, it is important for you to know the pros and cons of your business and you should have the ability to reduce your financial losses to a certain extent.  If you want you can go for online trading platforms like Bitcoin Review, Crypto soft Review for a better understanding of trading to earn fruitful results in which the money invested now can be earned more than three to four times after a certain period.

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Teresa Duncan received a degree of Master of Science in Healthcare Management from Marymount University. With over 22 years of healthcare experience (15 in dental), she has unique insight into the world of dentistry. Her specialty is helping dentists and managers increase revenue. By focusing on accounts receivable and insurance management, she helps dentists increase the value of their practice. As a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, she has a special interest in helping dentists identify and safeguard against employee embezzlement.

Teresa is founder and president of Odyssey Management.

She is a Fellow and Educator for the ICOI’s Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries. Look for more articles from her regarding practice management, dental implants and oral health care news. She was named 2010’s ADIA Educator of the Year.

Teresa is a member-at-large on the board of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Teresa is a Trustee for the auxiliary education-focused DALE Foundation.


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