Follow Up Letter to Periodontal Patients

by teresaduncan on July 14, 2008

Does your office provide periodontal treatment – perhaps scaling and root planing, laser treatment or more involved surgery? Do you have a follow-up letter to send after treatment? In our office we evaluate the patient after one month to assess healing and to determine a frequency for periodontal maintenance. After this appointment I will print out a comparison of their periodontal readings using the readings from their initial probing compared to readings taken at their one-month evaluation. Our software allows us to designate the colors of each date’s reading so you have a nice visual for the patient.

Along with the chart I send a letter explaining it. If you are a hygienist, it’s even better if you send it. Below is the text – if you’d like a customizable Word version, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you. Make sure you customize it…some patients may show absolutely no improvement or you may want to mention the use of a Sonicare Flexcare and/or Hydrofloss.

Dear (Patient),

I wanted you to have the attached chart of the readings we’ve taken of your gums. The blue line is the most recent set of readings. You can see by the chart that by the time you came back from your re-evaluation, some healing had occurred and your numbers improved. Ideally your readings should have the blue lines above the red lines, showing improvement. The red dots above the teeth indicate bleeding when (HYGIENIST’S NAME) probed the pocket. Normal, healthy gums do not bleed when probed, unfortunately. I can tell by looking at these lines that your molar areas have the deepest pockets, although they are showing improvement.

(HYGIENIST’S NAME) recommends that you continue to floss regularly. When you come in for your routine cleanings, (HYGIENIST’S NAME) will take quick readings of problem areas to see if more healing has occurred. If you have any questions about these readings, please call the office and ask for me or (HYGIENIST’S NAME).



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