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Infographic: W.H.O. Oral Health Factsheet by Neoss

When it comes to your teeth and oral health, many assume that brushing your teeth twice a day is sufficient. However, one does not realize, there is more to oral health and one can run into a number of problems that may sound almost weird.

Here are some of the most shocking things you need to know about your oral health:

Your Health Matters

It is not just the health of your teeth, but your general health is also very important and can affect the health of your teeth. Regular exercises and a well balanced diet will not only ensure you are within the right weight range, but also ensure your teeth get all the right nutrition. This will decrease your chances of developing gum related diseases.

Oral Hygiene Takes Time

Everyone would love to sport a bright white smile. However, this doesn’t happen overnight or just after using that new toothpaste a couple of times. It takes time and effort to get the perfect set of white teeth. This is because, the plaque that forms on your teeth takes time to be removed.

Brush for two to three minutes, twice a day and also floss regularly, to ensure no food particles get stuck in your teeth, causing it to stain. Also, use a mouthwash every day. The results will be evident after a few days.

Right Technique With Right Products

It is not enough if you use the best of the products available in the market. One needs to follow the right techniques, to get the best results out of the products. When you use your toothbrush, ensure you cover all areas, including the outer teeth, inner teeth as well as the biting surfaces.

When it comes to toothpaste, one must select based on their need. There are various toothpastes available for cavity, gum protection, teeth whitening, etc. choose one that is suitable for you, but check the ingredients and do a little research to know which ingredients are required to achieve the results you are looking for. One cannot blindly trust what the package claims, marketing gimmicks can be very misleading.

Attend To Problems ASAP

When you have a throbbing pain in your jaw, do not ignore it or assume it is because of biting on something hard. Though biting on something hard can cause pain and discomfort, tooth ache cannot be solved easily like joint pains with Hondrocream. If your teeth hurt when you drink something hot or cold, it is an indication to get it checked by a dentist.

Our friends over at Neoss put together a great oral health fact sheet based on the April release of oral health statistic by the World Health Organizations. Share with your patients via your website, Facebook page or Twitter. Knowledge is power!

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