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Dental problems have never spared anyone. Everyone has some issue or the other with their teeth at some point in their lives. While some can be fixed with a simple cleaning or filling, some are more serious and may require one to get implants.

Implants Are For

So, who are these dental implants for? Implants are not reserved for the old or the aged. It can be for people of all ages and could possibly be the best solution for a missing tooth.

However, only a professional dentist can decide if one needs an implant or if there are any other alternatives. What many do,  is decide on their own that they don’t require an implant and they ca handle it despite the missing tooth.

It is common knowledge that everyone will grow and lose one set of teeth as they grow. Once the milk teeth are gone, the next set of teeth that grows is a permanent fixture. Once the jaw has finished growing, one cannot expect nature to handle all the issues.

Many may lose a tooth or may have lost a tooth or teeth due to some issue. For some people, they are just born that way. The solution to all this is to get an implant. Even those who are using removable dentures can go in for a dental implant and leave behind the worry and discomfort of a removable denture.

What To Ask

When you decide to go in for dental implants, you must consult a dentist with the right credentials. It is not as easy as asking for Belleza Consejos, hence here are a few tips to help you out. Here is what you must ask your dentist before you sit in that chair for an implant:

Find out if they are credentialed implant dentist. There are dentists who have the credentials to do an implant and those who don’t. ensure you go to one who has the credentials.  Not only will you be taken care of by a professional, but you will be more at peace too.

Ensure the dentist know about your oral health. If you are a smoker, it can interfere with the entire implant procedure. So let your dentist know you are a smoker, so that they can prescribe accordingly.

Find out the different types of implants available and find out the costs involved too. It is always better to have a budget and ensure you let your dentist know about your budget, so that you don’t end up spending too much.

Taking A Bit of A Blogging Break

Hi everyone –

Blogging can be so much fun. It allows you to write anything and everything on your mind and you need not hesitate to put your thoughts down in black and white. No matter who reads it and judges you, it does not stop you from writing what you exactly feel.

This is the freedom blogging gives you. You are not writing for a particular set of audience, though you may develop an audience who like reading what you write, but you are never catering to a single type of audience, unless you decide to. it is not writing a book, you don’t need anyone’s approval for others to read it. There is no editing team, no proof readers, no editor to give the final approval or ask you to make a number of changes before it can go for a print or publishing.

Everyone can write and blogging brings out that writer in you. Writing can give you the same relaxed exhilarating feeling, a visit to Szépség Egészség can give you. Such is the benefit of blogging.

How Did I Start

I was always more of a reader and never gave writing much thought. Anytime I felt stressed or bored, I would pick out my favorite book and read. There have been very few nights when I have fallen asleep without reading a book. I used to write letters and long posts to my friends and that is when someone pointed out my style of write would be good for blogging.

I never took it seriously but eventually I decided to give it a try. There has been no looking back since then. I am a voracious reader but blogging has become a passion. I take pride in my writing and find such joy in putting down all my feelings into words. And when people read and respond, I feel like we know each other already, though in reality I have no idea who that person is.

I have been writing on a regular basis and have a number of readers, who not only read, but also respond and give me useful feedback that helps me improve and has shaped me into the writer I am today.

After a while of writing about everything under the sun, I started writing about more informative stuff. Now there are requests and need to organize them into a website and that is exactly what I am working on.

just wanted to let you know that I will be slowing down on the blogging as my new website is being redone. You can still catch up with me on Twitter and on Facebook. I will still post updates there. When it all goes live again, I’ll shout it from the rooftops. Happy New Year to you all!

Dentures Require Careful Handling

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Dentures deserve careful handling and, in many ways, taking care of them is more work than caring for natural teeth.

It is like your skin – needs good care. A little compromise or laziness will show the outcome in no time. Just as there are a number of Trucs de Beaute to take care of your skin and appearances, similarly there are tips to care for your dentures as well. Following these tips can go a long way in denture maintenance.

The November issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers tips to care for these precisely crafted and relatively delicate items.

Prevent breaks: Dentures can break if dropped only a few inches. Cleaning should be done over a folded towel in case they are accidentally dropped.

Clean gently: Dentures should be gently scrubbed every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush using a denture cleaner, mild soap or dishwashing liquid. Aggressive scrubbing can damage or bend metal clasps or other components.

Soak overnight: Most dentures need to remain moist to keep their shape. Soaking them in water or mild denture solution is usually fine. A dentist may offer specific recommendations for soaking.

Choose products wisely: Abrasive cleaners and harsh toothpastes such as whitening pastes are abrasive enough to damage dentures. Soaking dentures in bleach can cause the pink part of the denture to whiten. Placing dentures in hot or boiling water can cause the plastic to warp.

Avoid do-it-yourself repairs: All dentures need periodic adjustment by a dentist to ensure a comfortable fit and avoid problems. Repairs should not be undertaken at home because they will likely cause damage. Repairing a cracked denture with glue from the hardware store is a particularly bad idea, as glues contain harsh chemicals not suitable for the mouth.

Brush the mouth, too: Good oral hygiene helps avoid problems such as soreness, irritation and infection. Brushing the gums, tongue, palate and any remaining teeth helps remove bacteria and stimulate blood flow to these soft tissues.

Mayo Clinic Health Letter is an eight-page monthly newsletter of reliable, accurate and practical information on today’s health and medical news. To subscribe, please call 800-333-9037 (toll-free), extension 9771, or visit Mayo Clinic Health Letter Online.

About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is the first and largest integrated, not-for-profit group practice in the world. Doctors from every medical specialty work together to care for patients, joined by common systems and a philosophy of “the needs of the patient come first.” More than 3,700 physicians, scientists and researchers, and 50,100 allied health staff work at Mayo Clinic, which has campuses in Rochester, Minn; Jacksonville, Fla; and Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz.; and community-based providers in more than 70 locations in southern Minnesota., western Wisconsin and northeast Iowa. These locations treat more than half a million people each year. To obtain the latest news releases from Mayo Clinic, go to www.mayoclinic.org/news. For information about research and education, visit www.mayo.edu. MayoClinic.com (www.mayoclinic.com) is available as a resource for your health stories.

ADA’s 2013 Dental Code Check App Available for Apple, Android Mobile Devices

CHICAGO, Nov. 15, 2012 – Dental codes are now available at the touch of a button with the 2013 Dental Code Check app. The app is available for $19.99 for Apple via the iTunes Store and Android mobile devices via Google Play.

The new CDT Code Check 2013 app contains all of the CDT Codes, and is an especially handy practice management tool for dentists and dental staff who travel between offices. It is also ideal for working on claim forms and looking up procedure codes when the CDT Manual is unavailable. The app was created from the American Dental Association’s CDT 2013: Dental Procedure Codes book. The CDT Code, which is another name for the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature, a standard for recording dental services in patient records, on paper claim forms, and on HIPAA standard electronic claim transactions.

The CDT Code Check 2013 app’s features include:

– A complete listing of 2013 CDT Codes including category of service, subcategory, procedure code, nomenclature, and descriptor.

– A list of new, revised and deleted codes with tracked changes so you can see exactly what was changed.

– Maximum portability. The codes go where you go without the need for a bulky book or an internet connection.

– Searchable by three categories: code number, keyword and category of service.

 Why An App

As it is the trend today, there is an App for everything. Oit is not just something every company or organization has, to “fit in” but is is very useful too. It makes life easier for both the dentists as well as the patients.

How Does It Help?

Well, when you are a dentist on the move, you will be visiting a number of clinics or hospitals. You may be on call for specialized procedures, that may require you to travel frequently. In such a case, it is not practical to carry everything on you. You will need to know the codes and prices of all the implants and dentures you are bound to use in your procedures.

You will also have to be up to date on these details, so that you can answer your clients convincingly. Not every client is going to be happy with the cost of the implant they may need. Hence, when you have the prices of various options, in hand, you can give your patient the options and they will be less inclined to whine about the costs involved.

It is like how a person who loves to look perfect or one in the beauty line, always has Belleza Consejos on hand, to impress their clients.


About the American Dental Association

The not-for-profit ADA is the nation’s largest dental association, representing 157,000 dentist members. The premier source of oral health information, the ADA has advocated for the public’s health and promoted the art and science of dentistry since 1859. The ADA’s state-of-the-art research facilities develop and test dental products and materials that have advanced the practice of dentistry and made the patient experience more positive. The ADA Seal of Acceptance long has been a valuable and respected guide to consumer dental care products. The monthly The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) is the ADA’s flagship publication and the best-read scientific journal in dentistry. For more information about the ADA, visit www.ada.org. For more information on oral health, including prevention, care and treatment of dental disease, visit the ADA’s consumer website www.MouthHealthy.org.

NADL’s Thoughts on Medical Device Tax for Dental Offices

Dental offices have been waiting to hear if crowns, partials and dentures will be subject to the Medical Device Tax that takes effect in January 2013. The National Association of Dental Laboratories has an analysis that concludes that dental products that start out in the lab will likely not be subjected to the tax. Phew!

Imagine what would happen if everything was subjected to tax? The prices will shoot up and make the dental procedures much more expensive than what it is today. People are already debating about the needs for dental checkups and regular procedures. They think they can get away with brushing and flossing and need to spend a penny on dentists. Of such people were told they will have to set aside a major part of their monthly budget for a particular procedure? Well, you can be sure you will never see them around the dentist’s clinic until it’s too late.

Why This Perception?

Well, people have money and they have plans that cover up all their expenses. When they are ready to spend on health insurance and car insurance, why not dental? Well, it is a simple logic. They feel teeth is under their control and proper brushing techniques with the right materials will do the trick. People who are more conscious, tend to avoid sugary foods and colored foods that may increase the plaque formation or discolor the teeth.

Unlike the heart, limbs or other organs, the teeth are in plain sight and you are expected to care for it yourself. If there is trouble with the wrist or if one is suffering from varicose veins, they would not hesitate to check with the doctor. Though there are some who would resort to the use of Varikosette and never check with the doctor, because this solution gives immense relief.

The general notion is to get it checked by a professional for the fear of something going wrong or the situation getting worse. This urgency is not there when it comes to dentists. However, there are quite a few who are very concerned and conscious about their oral health and would like to visit the dentist at least twice a year. For such people, different dental plans will have different values and will benefit them immensely.

Crowns are changed on a regular basis. A dentist will have to change existing implanted crowns or put in new ones, almost every single day. If the prices were to go up, the dentists will have to spend a major part of their time explaining to their patients, as to why this simple procedure has suddenly become so expensive.

Now that they are tax free, the dentists will not see a drop in the demand from their patients. It is these procedures that earn them good money and were that to be affected; you are bound to see many dentists’ businesses suffer to absorb the initial shock. Though one cannot get away with a damaged crown and will have to get it replaced eventually, there will be a slight setback in the business, until people finally come to terms with the new price.



Canadian Teachers’ Pension Fund Buys Majority Stake In Heartland Dental

What Is Pension

An employer sets aside a part of the pay for his employee, to be accessed by the employee after retirement. This is to help the employee in the future. This pool of money is invested and the returns earned on it are also enjoyed by the employee, after retirement.

Some fund houses allow both the employer and the employee to contribute towards this fund. The employee can pay up a part of his income towards this fund and his employer can match it or match up to a percentage of the annual contribution.

Types Of Plans

The different types of pension plans are:

  • Defined Benefit Plan

In this type of a pension plan, the employee is guaranteed by the employer, that he will get a fixed amount on retirement, irrespective of the performance of the investment pool or the returns earned from it. Once the employee retires, he is eligible to get a fixed amount on a regular basis, from this investment pool. However, if the investment does not earn enough or is not sufficient to pay out the required amount, the company has to match up the difference.

  • Defined Contribution Plan

The employer invests for the employee  matching up the employee’s contribution, at varying degrees. Here the final payment made to the employee on retirement depends upon the performance of the investment. The company is liable only up to the amount to be paid as contribution to the pool. Once these contributions are made, the company’s liability ends. More companies are moving towards this plan and ending the traditional pension plans, as the liability is lesser and if the investment returns are not sufficient, the company need not pay for it.

How Do These Pensions Help

When a company invests for the employee, it is ensuring the employee has enough funds to lean back up on once he retires. When the active earning days are over, many suffer due to inadequate income and inability to save up for a secured future. When part of the income is set aside on a regular basis, it automatically brings down the spending and increases the saving.

There are instances where an employee retires richer than what he was when he was actively earning. This is because the contributions made by both the employee and employer can earn good returns and result in a high payout. If such investments are made from the start, the investment tends to accumulate and grow until the employee works in that company. Sometimes, the employee from a lower level, earning lesser than many in the company can retire much richer than his boss. It is like how regular use of Fresh Fingers can get one fresh smelling feet for longer hours than the feet that are washed constantly.

Stranger things have happened. Click here for the news release.

Patterson Dental Introduces Eaglesoft Clinician – an EHR Solution


Eaglesoft Clinician is fully certified for federal EHR incentive programs



ST. PAUL, Minn. – (November 1, 2012) – Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., introduces Eaglesoft Clinician, a fully certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution designed to help dental offices qualify for federal incentive payments. To develop Eaglesoft Clinician, Patterson has partnered with Emdeon, a leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions. The program is available now to users of Eaglesoft Practice Management Software, and will be fully interfaced with the upcoming version of the software, Eaglesoft 17.

Eaglesoft Clinician has received the federal government’s “meaningful use” stamp of approval by earning complete EHR Ambulatory certification. The designation officially deems the electronic health record (EHR) software capable of enabling providers to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Tested and certified under the Drummond Group’s Electronic Health Records Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB) program, the EHR software is 2011/2012 compliant in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Drummond Group’s ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification program tests and certifies that EHRs meet the meaningful use criteria for either eligible provider or hospital technology. In turn, healthcare providers using the EHR systems of certified vendors are qualified to receive federal stimulus monies upon demonstrating meaningful use of the technology—a key component of the federal government’s push to improve clinical care delivery through the adoption and effective use of EHRs by U.S. healthcare providers.

In addition to allowing offices to meet meaningful use criteria, Eaglesoft Clinician also gives dentists the ability to submit prescriptions electronically. These capabilities add to the list of efficiency-minded features included in Eaglesoft 16, the number one practice management software on the market. Eaglesoft 16 streamlines everyday tasks for every member of the dental team, helping the whole office run quickly and efficiently. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, Eaglesoft also offers advanced, customizable tools and features to help practices become more profitable and productive.

Such advanced tools are a welcome change to the practicing professionals, who find it much easier to keep track of all the paperwork and various records. When everything is done electronically, the paper trail decreases and one can have a better record. Something similar to how one may want to use  Fresh Fingers to keep their feet clean, despite religiously washing them regularly. This product makes life easier.

To join the list of Eaglesoft offices that are already using Eaglesoft Clinician and receiving incentive payments, dentists should contact Emdeon at 1.866.369.8805. Upon the release of Eaglesoft 17, Eaglesoft Clinician users will be transitioned to the fully integrated version of the software.

For more information, call the Patterson Technology Center at 1.800.294.8504, contact a local Patterson Technology Representative or visit www.eaglesoft.net.

This EHR Module is 2011/2012 compliant and has been certified by Drummond Group, an ONC-ATCB approved to certify any complete or modular EHR both ambulatory and inpatient, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department.

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., Certified on Sept. 27, 2012, Eaglesoft Clinician 7.6, Certification ID number 09272012-3071-1,Complete Ambulatory.

 About Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. is a value-added distributor of a complete range of dental products, equipment and services for dentists, dental laboratories, institutions and other healthcare providers throughout North America. Patterson Dental has the largest direct sales force in the industry, totaling more than 1,400 sales representatives and equipment software specialists serving the United States and Canada.

About Drummond Group

Drummond Group Inc., the trusted software test lab, provides effective and efficient electronic health record (EHR) testing to healthcare information technology vendors and hospitals. As an Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB), Drummond Group works closely with healthcare software vendors and hospitals to certify EHRs that are looking to qualify for incentive funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Drummond Group is approved to certify both complete and modular EHR for both ambulatory and inpatient. Leveraging more than a decade’s worth of interoperability, conformance testing and certification experience in multiple industries, Drummond Group delivers what’s needed in healthcare: highly reliable and readily affordable software testing services. For more information, go to www.drummondgroup.com

So I Met the Father of Facebook at a Henry Schein Festival


Teresa Duncan Dr. Edward ZuckerbergLast week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Henry Schein Metro Fall Festival in Teaneck, NJ. Guess who was scheduled in the room after me? Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, father of Mark Zuckerberg. You know…that Facebook guy. So of course I had to ask for a picture! He was gracious – he confirmed that yes, he gets asked for pictures a lot now. Ahh fame.

On a business note, my class The Foundations of Dental Office Management (thank you to the American Association of Dental Office Managers for sponsoring me) had to be moved to a different room because of higher than expected attendance. A nice problem and I’m grateful for all the attendees coming out. It was a good class with lots of questions and discussions. I stuck around almost 40 minutes afterwards to talk with attendees. A big thank you to Henry Schein for putting this on – it was a very well run show!

DANB Releases 2012 Salary Survey Results

Dental Assistants Who Earn DANB Certification Receive Higher Pay, Demonstrate High Employer Loyalty,

DANB’s 2012 Salary Survey Shows

CHICAGO (October 30, 2012) — The Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)2012 Salary Survey reveals that dental assistants who have earned DANB certification receive a higher salary than non-certified dental assistants and demonstrate high employer loyalty. The findings are consistent with DANB’s previous salary surveys, which have been conducted since 2001.

DANB, which is recognized by the American Dental Association as the national certification board for dental assistants, offers not only the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) national certification exam but also the Certified Orthodontic Assistant (COA) and Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant (CPFDA) exams. DANB surveyed thousands of dental assistants from around the country who hold DANB’s CDA certification about salary levels, types of work benefits, job satisfaction and other issues.

DANB’s 2012 Salary Survey shows that full-time dental assistants who hold the CDA certification earn a median salary of $18.60 an hour, $1.54 more than full-time dental assistants who do not. The survey also shows that the average CDA salary has climbed slightly since the 2010 salary survey, particularly notable during a time of economic difficulty and high unemployment rates.

Employer loyalty

CDA certificants also show high employer loyalty, averaging eight years in their current position. Many see the survey as a valuable resource for employers seeking new employees. “I recently changed jobs,” mentioned one respondent, “and several of the dentists I interviewed with utilized DANB’s salary survey for establishing salary.” Echoed another CDA: “I think this survey is a wonderful tool for prospective employees as well as for potential employers.”

Other benefits

CDAs also credited DANB certification for a number of benefits outside higher pay. Among them were pride (82%), self-improvement (72%), employer recognition (60%), elevation of the profession (51%), patient respect for credentials (45%), career mobility (45%), recognition by the dental community (45%) and the potential to perform additional dental assisting duties (45%). “Since obtaining my credentials through DANB,” said one respondent, “I have more confidence and I am more appreciated in my job.” Said another, “Being DANB certified reminds me that compared to other co-workers, I have gone the extra mile in my education and it shows in the work environment.”

Many may not see the value in getting this additional certificate. It holds as much value as a tube of Fresh Fingers does to a person who has all the time and facility to wash their feet regularly. For those who see the value in having fresh smelling feet, it makes a lot of difference. Similarly, this course adds the above mentioned values to those who are looking for improvement in their career.

One of the top most priorities everyone has, when they get into the professional world is the pay. The better your pay is, the better you are perceived to be performing in the industry. For those who seek an overall achievement, an increase in knowledge, recognition and pay, is what will fit the bill. This course helps such dentists to achieve what they aspire.

With better recognition comes higher level of confidence, and this shows not only in the way you carry yourself, but in your performance too. When the knowledge base is widened, you will be able to take better informed decisions than those who don’t have the knowledge. As a result, the performance improves, thus improving your business and the pay increases like a by-product all of all this.

To see the median salary by state and other results of the DANB 2012 Salary Survey, please go to www.danb.org/PDFs/Salary_Survey/2012SalarySurvey.pdf

Nov. 15th: P.A.U.L. Study Club Presentation: Accounts Receivables

When you run a business, be it small or big, you will have to maintain accounts. These accounts have to be maintained properly, to ensure you are on track with all your deliverables and receivables.

Even if you are doing business with kith and kin, you need to keep a record of your accounts receivables. Accounts receivables is nothing but the money your business is expected to get in the future. This amount is shown on the assets side of the balance sheet and adds value to your business.

Keeping a close watch on this amount requires you to keep a proper account of each of the transaction. All customers will not pay it in one installment. There will be customers who will pay up the amount in a few installments of fixed amounts or even varied amounts. In such situations, it is necessary to keep a track of what has come in and what is yet to come it. This will ensure you will not get cheated or lose out on what your business should receive.

Why Credit?

When tracking this credit is so complicated and time consuming, wondering why at all do businesses on credit? When it a small business, you can afford to sell only on payment. However, as the business grows, associates and regular customers will become part of the business and it is necessary to keep them in the good books and conduct business in a manner that can benefit both. When you sell your goods out on credit, your customer gets the stock immediately and can pay you as and when he realizes the money. This way, his business grows and your stock is all sold too.

Selling on credit becomes a necessity to survive in an industry filled with competition. If you refuse to sell on credit, there is always another seller, ready to give a discount or even on full credit. This will result in you losing a considerable part of your business and thus the market share.

How To Track It

One can have manual accounts to track the accounts receivables but now a days, there are many software and other programs that can automate the accounts and make it easy to track it all. It is like using Goji Cream for a flawless skin instead of grinding all the ingredients in your kitchen for that perfect face cream. These programs are here to make life and business easier.

If you’re near the southern Pennsylvania area, come on out on November 15th for the P.A.U.L. Study Club for Office Managers! I’ll be presenting Successful Systems for Accounts Receivables and Insurance Management. Won’t you join us for not only education but quality networking with other managers in your field? Here is the event page with the study club contact information:


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About The Blog Author

Teresa Duncan received a degree of Master of Science in Healthcare Management from Marymount University. With over 22 years of healthcare experience (15 in dental), she has unique insight into the world of dentistry. Her specialty is helping dentists and managers increase revenue. By focusing on accounts receivable and insurance management, she helps dentists increase the value of their practice. As a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, she has a special interest in helping dentists identify and safeguard against employee embezzlement.

Teresa is founder and president of Odyssey Management.

She is a Fellow and Educator for the ICOI’s Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries. Look for more articles from her regarding practice management, dental implants and oral health care news. She was named 2010’s ADIA Educator of the Year.

Teresa is a member-at-large on the board of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Teresa is a Trustee for the auxiliary education-focused DALE Foundation.


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