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The Three Popular Misconceptions About The Bitcoins

The world of cryptocurrency, especially the Bitcoins is indeed, interesting! On one side lies the interesting benefits of the Bitcoins and, on the other side, the interesting misconceptions about them! The former leads you towards a brighter future whereas the latter prevents you from enjoying and therefore, it is necessary to evade them by understanding the actual facts about the Bitcoins! It is what we are here to do today, where the 3 popular misconceptions would be decoded to know the original purpose or the information behind them!

  • You could only Buy A Whole Bitcoin

Many people, who are interested in owning the Bitcoins, either by mining them or by following the crypto robots believe that they can only buy them as a whole unit, which is wrong! The benefits of investing in the Bitcoins also lies in its divisibility, where it can be divided up to as small as 1/100th millions of Bitcoin that are easily affordable when compared to buying a whole one unit!


  • It’s absolutely anonymous

There are a few, who shun the idea of investing or owning the Bitcoins because of its anonymity, as they feel this anonymous nature invites more darker powers or shadier people to use or appreciate the Bitcoins more! But, in reality, this is not entirely true! That is, the Bitcoin is not completely anonymous, as all the transactions go into the public ledger by citing the public key of yours! Although this public key wouldn’t have your name, it is the same when used from the same Bitcoin wallet address and therefore, by following one or the other ways like, getting your keys (if you lost them or if you share them), hacking, obtaining your mobile one could identify the person behind the transaction!

Well, what we are trying to mean here is, Bitcoin although allows you to be anonymous, you cannot expect that overtly freedom that allows you to evade the law, in case of any misappropriate actions!


  • Bitcoin will be banned soon

Perhaps, the funniest quote of the era! It is OK if you do not believe in the Cryptocurrencies or especially the Bitcoins but, for that, you cannot mislead the people by misquoting! While already few of the popular companies like, Overstock, Microsoft, and Dell started accepting payments in Bitcoin, few of the governments have made the use of virtual currencies legal in their country, which shows not only the Bitcoins, even the other genuine altcoins would not disappear any soon from this globe!

Therefore, it is high time you start investing in the Bitcoins by using uncomplicated means like the Bitcoin Code! But, is the Bitcoin Code legit? Read and Know!

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About The Blog Author

Teresa Duncan received a degree of Master of Science in Healthcare Management from Marymount University. With over 22 years of healthcare experience (15 in dental), she has unique insight into the world of dentistry. Her specialty is helping dentists and managers increase revenue. By focusing on accounts receivable and insurance management, she helps dentists increase the value of their practice. As a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, she has a special interest in helping dentists identify and safeguard against employee embezzlement.

Teresa is founder and president of Odyssey Management.

She is a Fellow and Educator for the ICOI’s Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries. Look for more articles from her regarding practice management, dental implants and oral health care news. She was named 2010’s ADIA Educator of the Year.

Teresa is a member-at-large on the board of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Teresa is a Trustee for the auxiliary education-focused DALE Foundation.


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